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Based in Anaheim, CA, PCS operates in 5 plants within an industrial park. Powder coatings were originally developed as an environmentally sound method of painting commercial parts, and has become one of the most common finishes. Most of these coatings are various shades of black, though PCS carries many colors, and come in various gloss levels and textures. Each finish, also, can be manipulated to fit specific needs such as UV protection or resistance to oils. PCS is an expert in providing the customer with their perfect formula of PowderCoat finish. PCS offers its customer-tailored value added services including tube bending, fastener installation, light manufacturing, final assembly, and supply chain management. The company provides personalized service and by using its own fleet of trucks and drivers PCS not only is a high quality service provider, but also a company its customers can trust to deliver.

Website:  http://www.powdercoatservices.com

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